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Leuven MindGate positions the Leuven region as a premier destination for Health, High-Tech and Creativity. By connecting organisations as well as individuals in a unique ecosystem, we inspire innovation and increase interdisciplinary collaborations for the entire region's benefit.

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Get the latest news in the Leuven Mindgate region and stay informed on our upcoming initiatives, new partners and scientific reports.

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Belgium's largest surgical center renovated

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Flanders increases funding for imec's research with € 29 million

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Online platform Popstart launched to help combat vacancies in shop-premises

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Are you looking for an opportunity to network with our partners? Keep an eye on the event listings to stay updated on where you can meet us.

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Leuven MindGate Events Visionary Seminar 'Blockchain: distributed trust'

At a class re-union I asked my friend who became a banker what he was doing in life. “We are conducting legal customer fraud,” was his ...

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UCLL Social Media Mondays

Hoe kan je als kmo of organisatie sociale media effectief inzetten in je bedrijfscommunicatie? Welke platvormen gebruik je wanneer en welke ...

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Leuven MindGate Events Workshop 'E-recruitment. Hoe ga je ermee aan de slag?' Zowel voor startups als ervaren HR professionals

Talent vinden doe je niet enkel meer via advertenties en bestaande vacaturedatabanken. Deze databanken zijn niet altijd even budgetvriendelijk en het ...

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Leuven is known as Flanders’ Big Little Town. Or was it Flanders’ Little Big Town? The choice is yours.

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